Zumba Shoes

Avoid knee injuries and maximize comfort by choosing the right sneakers
Wearing appropriate shoes during Zumba classes will help you avoid injuries so you can keep having fun and meet your fitness goals.

Key characteristics of Zumba shoes:

1) Comfortable, good support and cushioning. Like any shoe, they should fit well and be comfortable right away. They shouldn’t need to be “broken in”.
2) Pivot point in the ball of the foot to minimize knee stress while turning and twisting
low-grip turning with pivot point

Most dance sneakers are made in women’s sizes. For men, it is easy to find neutral looking shoes that work great. Rule of thumb: Men add 3 to you normal shoe size to get the equivalent in women’s size.

Popular Zumba Shoes:
There are often different color options for each shoe once you click the link.

Bad ideas:
Using regular sneakers for Zumba
Sneakers are designed to grip. Some Zumba moves involve twisting and spinning that can put stress on your knees. Personally, I bought dance sneakers when I noticed my knees started to feel uncomfortable. 40-70 bucks for a pair of sneakers is way cheaper than a knee operation.

Wearing socks
Socks are very slippery and provide no cushioning.

Duct tape
Once someone suggested to put duct take over the front of my sneakers so they wouldn’t grip. Worked great for a few days, but then the duct tape started to wear off and I was left with sticky goop that made a mess on the floors and made it even harder to turn. And it was impossible to get off. Trashed those sneakers.